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St. John's Episcopal Abilene, Texas

St John's Episcopal in Abilene, Texas, was the very first school I visited on my long drive through Texas and Oklahoma. What a great start it was--although as I drove through a pounding thunderstorm at 6am on my way out from Ft. Worth I wasn't sure I would arrive in one piece. The visit was scheduled for February 20th at 9:00am. The Head Librarian Shelley Hughes invited me to the school and after I arrived I was very proud to unpack my banner and Victoria's original artwork and visit with such delightful children.


Very unfortunately Shelley was out with a Texas-sized case of the flu which hit so hard this winter. I was well looked after though by Katie. 

Shelley wrote, "Don't get the Texas Flu.  I was very sad to miss you.  The students said you were funny and had great books.  Thanks for blessing our school with great, kid friendly literature. The kids are loving book one that we are reading as a class.  Thank you so much."

Thanks for having me Shelley--I'll definitely come back for another visit!

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