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Victoria and I took a trip to Manchester the week of January 29th. On February 1st we paid a visit to St. John's Church of England Primary School in Stockport. Afterward we received this lovely note from Patrick Rayner, Headteacher: 'Thank you so much for visiting St. John's. I could certainly tell that your presentation and question time with the children was very well received.  The children seemed very engaged in the discussions that I observed and it fitted beautifully into our 'Creative Arts Week!'


A couple of quotes from the children:


''It was great to meet Mike Glea​son. He was very kind and funny. Now I want to become an author!' ( Emily, Year 3)


'He is one of the best authors in the world!' ( Jamie, Year 3)


'The thing I enjoyed most about our Creative Arts Week was The author Mike Gleason signing my book!' (Kaia, Year 3)



And from myself:


'Mike and Victoria, thanks so much for visiting St. John's to meet and talk to the children about your latest book. The children have definitely been inspired by your illustrations and stories to read more and write their own stories. We even have children who are looking to become artists or authors themselves.'

Victoria and I are so chuffed to have these wonderful comments. Thank you children & Patrick, see you next time!

St. John's Church of England Primary

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