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Book 1. Tuff, Sadie & the Wild West

Meet the Hideout Kids! The first book in a magical Wild West adventure series.

After they have to leave New York best friends Tuff and Sadie dash across America in search of a mysterious town named Muleshoe. 

They battle train robbers, dodge stampeding buffalo, and fight off an attack led by the vicious bandit Fast Bull. Just when they think their dangerous journey is over, they are ambushed by “Big Nose” George Parrot, the meanest outlaw in the Wild West. 

Can they escape The Parrot Gang and find Muleshoe, the home of the Hideout Kids?

Book 2. General Muster & No-Trees Town

Join in another Wild West adventure with the Hideout Kids!


The Hideout Kids’ home of Muleshoe is surrounded by an army of outlaws. Judge June sends Sheriff Tuff and Deputy Sadie to fetch General Buster Muster and the US Army to save them. But the job goes wrong. General Muster, Tuff and Sadie get trapped in the mysterious town of No-Trees by vicious Sam Bass and his gang.


Can they escape in time to rescue the Hideout Kids from the outlaw army?

Book 3. Grizzly Bears & Beaver Pelts

Join the Hideout Kids in their next Wild West adventure!


Tuff and Sadie travel back in time to help Mountain Man Jedediah Smith. Jedediah and his crew are trapped in the Rocky Mountains by outlaw Indian Chief Black Bear.


Can Tuff and Sadie rescue Jedediah or will they all end up as a snack for the Chief's pet grizzly bears?

Book 4. Macho Nacho & The Cowboy Battle

Macho Nacho & The Cowboy Battle Tuff, Sadie and Sawbones are sent on a dangerous journey to help former hideout kid Charlie “Sir” Ringo on his first Trail Drive. On his way to Fort Worth with five hundred Texas Longhorns Charlie and his cowboys are attacked by the most feared cattle rustlers in South Texas. Their leader, Macho Nacho, wants to steal the herd but he also has a grudge against Charlie.


Can Tuff, Sadie and Sawbones save their friend from the vicious outlaw or will the dangers of the Wild West stop them getting to Fort Worth altogether?

Book 5. The Parrot Gang & Wild West Ghosts

The Parrot Gang & WILD WEST GHOSTS After “Big Nose” George Parrot threatens Tuff and Sadie, Judge June Beak, the good witch who rules over Muleshoe, decides the “meanest outlaw in the Wild West” must be stopped. She sends Tuff and Sadie to arrest The Parrot Gang at their Hideaway, a giant tree house near Stinking Springs. The children of Muleshoe believe the area around the tree house is haunted and won’t go near. Judge June’s familiar, Hooter the Owl, joins Tuff and Sadie on the dangerous journey.

Can they safely capture the Parrots or will the Wild West ghosts turn out to be real?

Book 6. Billy The Kid & Crooked Jim

Wild West adventure awaits inside this Hideout Kids book! BILLY the KID & CROOKED JIM The US Army asks the good witch Judge June to help an honest rancher in the Territory of New Mexico near Muleshoe. Sheriff John Robin is under attack by a vicious gang of outlaws led by Crooked Jim Murphy. The sheriff has the famous Billy the Kid on his side but their posse is outnumbered. Judge June sends Tuff and Sawbones to New Mexico to help fight the outlaws until US Army soldiers can arrive. Hooter helps with their disguises but Tuff’s plan goes wrong. He and Sawbones are captured by Crooked Jim.


Can they escape with Sadie and Hooter’s help or will the outlaws get to Sheriff Robin and his posse first?

HK 7 front cover FINAL PAPERBACK.jpeg
Book 7. Judge Roy Bean & Wild Thing


The Hideout Kids are in deep trouble when their magical protector Judge June is bewitched by an evil hag and kidnapped from their home town of Muleshoe. With help from Wild Thing, Judge June's pet pink fairy armadillo, Sheriff Tuff and Deputy Sadie discover the good witch is the prisoner of a wicked outlaw.


Tuff, Sadie and their posse set out in a brave mission to Vinegar Town, home to rival Judge Roy Bean and thousands of scorpions.


Can they reach Judge June and rescue her in time or will the vain and bullying outlaw succeed.

HK 8 KDP cover PB FINAL TO PRINT 2019 04 17.jpg
Book 8. Detective Charlie "Sir" Ringo: The Case of the Brotherhood of Outlaws


Hideout Kid Charlie “Sir” Ringo joins the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency. His first job as a detective is to find the train-robbing Reno gang, known as the Brotherhood of Outlaws, who might be hiding in the state of Indiana.


Judge June sends Tuff and Sadie to help Charlie. They are joined by old friend Gigante, a fearsome giant who carries a large pocket watch. They hatch a plan to arrest the gang but it goes wrong and Tuff and Sadie are tied up by the Renos.


Can Tuff and Sadie break free and help Charlie and Gigante capture the Renos, or will the Brotherhood of Outlaws rule the honest families of Indiana?

The Case of Belle Starr & Blue Duck KDP full cover FINAL TO PRINT 2020 06 11.jpg
Book 9. A Hannah Humblebee Mystery: The Case of Belle Starr and Blue Duck



On Halloween night, Detective Hannah Humblebee has to solve her first mystery when the good witch Judge June sends her and Sadie on a dangerous assignment in Oklahoma. They are to bring the famous outlaw, Blue Duck, back to Camp Beak, the prison near Muleshoe.

But is it really Blue Duck in Stillwater Town Jail?

Sheriff Bass Reeves thinks so but warns them that Belle Starr, Blue Duck's girlfriend, will try to help him escape. The sheriff doesn't think Hannah and Sadie are up to the job and the girls are determined to prove him wrong. Then they realise the wicked Belle Starr is not the only one who wants to stop them from returning to Muleshoe.

Will they make it safely back or will Halloween have more surprises in store?


211125 Heroes of the Desert PBcov PRINT.jpg
Book 10. Wild Thing & Mr. Zip: Heroes of the Desert

A wickedly funny, wonderfully magical new book! 

A tornado destroys the kids’ home of Muleshoe and carries away their beloved pets, Wild Thing, a pink fairy armadillo, and Mr. Zip, a beaver.

While the good witch Judge June uses her magic to rebuild the little town, Tuff and Sadie journey into the dangerous desert to find the missing animals. They discover the pets took refuge in Curly’s Cave but it’s also the den of a pack of coyotes who don’t want Wild Thing and Mr. Zip to go home.

So begins the battle of the desert – are these coyotes as clever as they say they are or will Wild Thing and Mr. Zip have the last and biggest laugh? 

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