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Ft. Worth Country Day School

Ft. Worth, Texas

Back in December I was so happy to get an email from Tammy Wolford, Head Lower School Librarian, confirming my visit to FWCD. I had written in the hope that she could schedule an old (really old!) member of the FWCD Board of Trustees as he made his debut book tour through Texas. Tammy and the entire school pulled out the stops for my visit and I couldn't have been prouder to drive in to the beautiful campus again and see the sign as pictured here. Wow! The pressure was on. Thankfully we had such a fun day. I was joined by dear friend Nancy Hallman during the visit. Nancy's children and some of mine attended FWCD and her husband Bill was President of the Board when I served. To my astonishment, two of my children's teachers, Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Fuller, both still taught at the school and were so kind to remember the children.

The host-ess with the most-ess, Tammy Wolford (pictured), was brilliant. She had the entire morning organised and gave me a tour of this incredible independent school with its state of the art facilities. The children had picked the Wild West as their study topic this term so my visit was very timely. I was particularly delighted to meet Head of School Eric Lombardi, who made me feel most welcome. 

Tammy said, "The Hideout Kids series by Mike Gleason is a big hit for first through third graders!  Boys and girls alike were excited to hear stories about Tuff and Sadie and their adventures in Texas.  Mike's energy and enthusiasm for writing were apparent and our students loved hearing about the writing process and the real "characters" inside the story.  We can't wait for the next book to arrive!"

And I can't wait to return to FWCD. Thanks Tammy!

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