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Barnes & Noble

Norman, Oklahoma

Huge thank you to Emily Blankenship, Community Relationship Manager, and Anne Black, Assistant Store Manager, for hosting my signing event at Barnes & Noble, Norman, Oklahoma on Saturday February 24. We had a fabulous time and I was delighted to see my daughter Margaret, who teaches at OU, and so many children, including granddaughter Yasmine and grandson Elyes (pictured). 

Here's what Anne had to say about our event: 

"Your book signing was a hit!    It was great to see all of the kiddos taking advantage of being able to meet and talk with you! 


We sold the following of your titles on Saturday:


Book 1 = 13 copies

Book 2 = 12 copies

Book 3 = 5 copies

Book 4 = 7 copies


for a total of 37 books!!  That's amazing!!!


Thank you so much for choosing our Barnes & Noble for your signing!"

Thank you, Anne, I look forward to my next visit.

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