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All Saints Episcopal

Tyler, Texas

All Saints Episcopal was my last scheduled school visit on the tour--and I couldn't have had a more fabulous visit. A true West Texan, Melissa Kirby (pictured with me below), who hails from McCamey, Texas, set up the visit. Since McCamey and my hometown of Midland are basically an armadillo's crawl away from each other, we had a big laugh. All of the teachers and staff were so warm and welcoming and the children were bright, polite and ready to hear about the Wild West.


Here's what Melissa had to say, "We so much enjoyed listening to the author of the Hideout Kids, Mike Gleason. Our students were really interested in his journey of becoming a writer and listening to a small excerpt of his book. I ordered many of his books after the visit and they are flying off the shelves. The students love the fast paced adventurous stories that include non-fictional characters and events.....I have students that are absolutely loving your books!!! You are going to have to publish faster because they are whipping through these books! I will send you some random pics of them reading your books. THEY ARE A HUGE HIT!!  In fact, I will probably order another set of hardbacks because I can't keep them on the shelf...and that is the honest truth! I know several of the kids have told me their parents ordered them the complete set online. I will let the students know that book 5 is out as well.


Once again, I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your visit. It was definitely one of our highlights of the year!!"

Wow--thank you Melissa. Sounds like I better get busy getting more Hideout Kids books in print!

I can't wait to return to this wonderful school. Thank you all!

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