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All Saints Episcopal School

Lubbock, Texas

On the cold morning of February 22nd I drove from my hotel in Lubbock to the gorgeous campus of All Saints School in Lubbock. I had come at the invitation of Lower School Division Head Lindy Long. I'll always owe a huge debt of gratitude to Lindy--she was the first school head to confirm an author visit on my inaugural book tour of Texas. We couldn't have had more fun and I loved meeting the wonderful head Librarian Karen Gretzler who hosted my visit in her warm, inviting library. I was so impressed by the bright group of students, a couple  of whom had actually been to Muleshoe--just an hour away from Lubbock, and who were amazed to hear about the town's magical history.

Lindy wrote, "Our students were mesmerized by you on your visit and I've seen several of them with the books in hand already reading them. I am going to put them on my summer reading list too!"

Thank you Lindy, I can't wait to get back to All Saints!

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