Introducing Hideout Kids, a new series of Wild West chapter books set in a mystical town in Texas. It's a place where only children can live and which adults can’t find. A powerful good witch, Judge Junia ‘June' Beak, protects the town. She gives magical powers to two kids who live there, ten-year old best friends Sheriff Tuff Brunson and Deputy Sadie Marcus.  Tuff & Sadie help each other fight crime, bring outlaws to justice and keep order in the Wild West. Join the Hideout Kids on their magical adventures with a happy group of talking animals including Wild Thing, a pink fairy armadillo, Mr. Zip, a polite beaver, and the witch’s familiar, Hooter, an owl. 



"Come join us on our next adventure-fun for everyone!"  Sheriff Tuff Brunson

"Loyalty, bravery, kindness and a little bit of magic is all we need."  Deputy Sadie Marcus

"You get to meet me! Grr.."  

Wild Thing

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