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Introducing Hideout Kids, a new series of Wild West chapter books set in a mystical town in Texas. It's a place where only children can live and which adults can’t find. A powerful good witch, Judge Junia ‘June' Beak, protects the town. She gives magical powers to two kids who live there, ten-year old best friends Sheriff Tuff Brunson and Deputy Sadie Marcus.  Tuff & Sadie help each other fight crime, bring outlaws to justice and keep order in the Wild West. Join the Hideout Kids on their magical adventures with a happy group of talking animals including Wild Thing, a pink fairy armadillo, Mr. Zip, a polite beaver, and the witch’s familiar, Hooter, an owl. 



"Come join us on our next adventure-fun for everyone!"  Sheriff Tuff Brunson

"Loyalty, bravery, kindness and a little bit of magic is all we need."  Deputy Sadie Marcus

"You get to meet me! Grr.."  

Wild Thing

Wild West Books for Children
Wild West Books for Children
Wild West Books for Children

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